Death Valley in Winter II

  • February 19, 2019
  • 5:45 AM
  • February 22, 2019
  • 8:00 PM
  • Death Valley National Park, California
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Photo shoot will be available for registration starting Sunday July 15, 2018.
Registration is closed

What: Death Valley in Winter II - Photo Shoot

When: Tuesday 19 February 2019, departure time is planned for 6:00 am with arrival back in SCG Friday 22 Feb. 2019 at about 8:00 pm


Where: Death Valley National Park, California

Photo Shoot Leader: Richard Coles

Who: On a first come/first served basis group size limited to 14 Club Members. 

Itinerary: A four-day photo shoot is planned comprising visits to over a dozen iconic locations within the Park taking full advantage of early morning and evening light. During this shoot, in a compressed time frame, you will experience a diverse range of very dramatic landscapes unique to this Park.

For those who have not been on an overnight photo shoot before it is truly one of the highlights of Grand Photo Club membership. We will be seeking optimum light which means long days. If you cannot or do not wish to arise at 4:00 am for three days in a row to travel and catch pre-sunrise & sunrise images at interesting locations then do not sign up for this shoot, it’s not for you. The dates coincide with that of the full moon over the Park for added nighttime drama.

This photo shoot is appropriate for photographers of moderate fitness levels who can readily handle long days, moderately strenuous activity such as being able to climb 50 stairs consecutively, plus walk without difficulty at least 2 miles over loose or uneven surfaces with occasional steep slopes. Walks typically last for 2 or more hours at a time. Altitudes can range to 6,000 to feet.

All participants are expected to be able to carry their own camera, personal gear and water. Park temperatures in February are expected to be about 46F to 74F.

Upon arrival at each location photographers will be ‘on their own’ to wander about exploring and photographing, returning to their vehicles at agreed upon times.

Additional stops of opportunity may be made along the way.


Camera Equipment Requirements: Any and all cameras including cell phones you would like to use for a fun outing. Besides your camera, you will need, tripod, wide angle, telephoto, macro lenses, suitable filters, lens cleaning supplies and extra batteries. Sufficient flash memory cards to handle the capacity for all photographs taken during a four-day shoot. A red night light to allow you to see your camera in the dark without flashing white light into someone else’s open shutter. A headlamp to see by in early morning or at night in the dark.

Accommodation: Motel rooms are expensive, limited and must be booked many months in advance. A block of rooms has been set aside 4 rooms with king beds and 3 rooms with 2 queen beds in each room. The group of rooms is not large enough to trigger a group rate discount but they must be booked by individual participants. The rooms are $228 per night. Hotel advises that all funds will be returned to you if the room is cancelled more than 48 hours prior to arrival. Telephone 1-505-573- 1768, ask for Mak and she will book your room from the block of rooms she is holding for Grand Photos under Richard Coles' name.

Please do not cancel your room before checking with the shoot leader to see if there is a shoot waiting list (ie. someone who will take over your room payment). Only those participants with rooms booked prior to 30 November 2018 (or substitutes thereafter) will be included in this shoot.

Other Details: Most of the Park does not have cell phone service and other services are quite limited, it’s a wilderness area and gasoline is currently priced at about $5.00 /gallon.

Food/drinks: Bring your individual snacks and drinks to maintain your energy level and hydration through long days. The micro climate in the Park is very dry.

Additional Information: Additional photo shoot details will follow for those signing up.

Costs: The National Park Service currently charges $30 per private vehicle, for 7 days. Fees may be paid at Furnace Creek Visitor Center. There is also an individual fee unless you have a lifetime Senior Pass. Please visit this site for any information on fees to National Parks:

Car Pools:   We will meet in the parking lot outside of Angela's at 5:15 am to form car pools and depart at 5:30 am. Use the parking lot on the south side of Remington drive farthest from the restaurant. Passengers will share fuel expenses; estimated fuel cost for the round trip is $40.00 per vehicle.

 We will meet in the parking lot outside of Angela's at 5:45 am to form car pools and depart at 6:00 am. Use the parking lot on the south side of Remington drive farthest from the restaurant. Passengers will share fuel expenses based on actual fuel cost per vehicle which is roughly estimated to be about $250.00 per vehicle.

Registration Deadline: Friday, January 4, 2019 and please indicate if you are willing to drive. Only high clearance vehicles are appropriate for this shoot.

Review: TBD

Note: This shoot is dependent upon good weather and may be cancelled if inclement weather is forecast or if there is insufficient interest.



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