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Although Grand Photos has not yet been given a date when we can re-open the studio, CAM is continuing to work toward that end. They are evaluating the building HVAC systems to be sure they are able to filter out any circulating COVID-19 droplets. So, the waiting game continues!

On a more positive note, we are very encouraged by the results of the member survey that you were asked to complete last week. We received a very good response, which provided us with the confidence to move forward with our plans for the Fall and Winter seasons. Thank you for your quick response and frank opinions! Click here to see the survey results.

We are planning virtual classes, photo shoots and SIG meetings, and the Membership Meeting agendas are such that they will work either in a live or a virtual setting. As well, we recognize that many members may need help to gain confidence to participate in our activities virtually. Therefore we plan to offer short training sessions where you will be taught how to navigate the virtual platform(s) and share photos from your own desktop. Watch future Blasts closely for details on registering for these training sessions. You will also find the most up-to-date club information on our website.

When you see the creativity employed by your leadership team to bring you a full schedule of interesting photographic activities and events, I am sure you will want to join us!

Stay safe and keep clicking!


Photo Exploration of Arizona

So, you have seen the Grand Canyon and Sedona – now where do you go?

We are looking for 7 to 10 photo vignettes (mini travelogues!) of Arizona (5-15 minute shows of various lesser-known locations around the state) to be presented Nov 9 as part of our membership meeting. These can be any type of presentation (ProShow, PowerPoint, Pro iPad app, MS Media, a simple Slideshow, etc. with or without music and/or narrative) to showcase a specific location with pictures you have taken over the years. The idea is to familiarize our newer club members, and perhaps those who are looking for locations they have not yet visited, with places to go and things to see in Arizona.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact   by August 31, with the location you want to include in your show and your presentation method. We would like to show a wide variety of locations that members might find photographically appealing - for landscape, wild life, architecture etc.

We will be conducting this membership meeting in person if the virus allows, or virtually via Zoom if not. A training session for presenters is planned around November 2-6 on the use of Zoom if we go virtual.

I am looking forward to hearing from many of our great photographers interested in participating in this creative way to keep club members interested in photography.

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