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Grand Photos Fall Competition
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Division 1

Janette Marker - Garden Surprise

Division 2

Bill Haskamp - Badlands Dawn

Division 3

Dik Salsbury - BC Beauty

President's Pen

Happy New Year!

As we welcome in 2021 let us all express gratitude for the many friends we have made within Grand Photos and resolve to build on those friendships in the year ahead as we enjoy the many photographic activities offered to us through membership.

Let's celebrate the fact that through the pandemic Grand Photos members developed innovative ways to stay in touch. We attended virtual classes, SIG's and membership meetings, participated in virtual photo shoots, shared challenges online in the Club's Facebook section and shared virtual discussions during weekly general sessions.

Though the Covid-19 restrictions may continue for much of the year ahead, we are not going to let them dampen our enjoyment of photography, our creative spirits, nor our connections with one another.

For those yet to explore video sharing sessions, make it your New Year's resolution to learn new skills. Skills that will help you stay connected and virtually share photographs with your children, grandchildren and friends within the Club.

We are offering classes and also one-on-one sessions to help you explore virtual connections with other members. Click for classes and for one-on-one mentoring.

Best wishes to all for a healthy 2021!

Richard Coles


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Grand Photos Fall Competition

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