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Sadu Covering Up by Sherry Weinstein

PSA Photo Travel Interclub Competition

Grand Photos received a total of 65 points and two awards for the club with ‘Sadu Covering Up’ by Sherry Weinstein receiving a second place and 13 points and ‘Minaret through Arch 5458’ by Shirley Bormann receiving an Honorable Mention and 13 points for Grand Photos. (These photos are attached.)   Other photos that contributed to the total score were submitted by Shannon McLaren, Marvin Weinstein, Judy Helderman and Stan Bormann.  Read more

Minaret through Arch by Shirley Bormann

Showcase - Cityscapes

Cities throughout the world are beautiful and complex mixes of all that is noble and of the finest instincts of man along with the tragedies of urban decline and of those left behind as economic and societal needs have changed.

Images for this month’s showcase feature a range of cities – ancient to modern times. Highlights of the finest and not so fine of our urban environments are artfully presented.

Reception photographs by B. Conn & M. Whaley

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