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Teri Calvin - Peggy's Cove, Div 1

Denny Hilgar - At the Ready, Div 2

Peggy Boike - Cassia and Lemons, Div 3


Edie Parker - Snowy Owl, Div 2

Sheldon Wecker - Avers Island Sunset, Div 3

Featured Artist – Reception

John Wolff, Chicago Street Photography

The photos displayed here are all taken from a video that I produced that was titled “Chicago, A Photographic Essay”. It depicted a tour of the city from O’Hare Airport down into the city exploring the various neighborhoods, the glamour and glitz as well as the grit and seedier side of a major city.

The video was a project that I had envisioned for many, many years. Finally, the age of digital photography as well as software that enabled the slide show production along with the addition of music, made it possible.

The photos were taken over several years. Although the original video was produced in 2006, it has gone through several iterations since then.

Typically, a slide show is produced by selecting the images and then adding music to enhance them, This show had a twist, the music was selected long before the first image was taken, They were designed to enhance or correlate with the music, The music was the soundtrack of a movie that I had first seen while in high school: The Man with the Golden Arm, the story of heroin addict and his battle to beat his habit.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit.

Reception photos by Brady Conn.

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