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Reflections & Light

Reflections & Light

In the March 2024 class of Reflections & Light, participants rotated through 4 stations, each unique and challenging in a fun way.

  • One station was a lens ball placed near a computer screen and the computer was loaded up with different images to reflect back into the lens ball.
  • A second station was a simple candy tray where participants could move the tray in all different manners, load it up with some metallic confetti, and play with some lightweight RGB-LED lights to come up with some very interesting patterns.
  • The third station was water droplets on a pane of glass raised above a smart tablet containing brightly colored images. The images would refract into the water droplets.
  • The final station was small crystal shot glasses that could be manipulated with the RGB-LED lights, a smart tablet, a colorful backdrop, etc.

This is a highly hands-on creative class that was built to stretch your mind and I think the participants agreed that this took place!

Barbie Hallstrom, Featured Artist

At the tender age of 4, Barbie Hallstrom was hooked on ballet. Her passion grew exponentially throughout adulthood as she experienced the joy of creativity and thrill of expression derived from her love. “In adulthood, the joy of teaching ballet supported my spirit until my body could no longer endure the physical stress and discomfort of the simplest movements,” she said.

Devoid of the previous serenity and pleasure provided by ballet, Barbie was soon rescued: first by a dear friend who shared his love of photography, and then by her husband, who handed her a camera of her own.  

That camera and several European adventures later reawakened her sleeping creativity. That creativity and emotion is unveiled to family, friends and community in the her featured artist showcase.

Reception photos by Brady Conn and Jerry Weinstein 

Barbie Hallstrom
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