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Grand photos

 Photo Club of The Grand in Surprise, AZ


Grand Photos Travelogues

We love to travel and we love to take pictures!  Members/travelers from Grand Photos share their photos and experiences from places near and far.

Grand Photos brings the Sun City Grand community photographic adventures from around the world.  Presentations are offered on the third Thursdays of the month from October through May in the Apache Room, Chaparral Center.  Enjoy our photographers expensive & exotic trips…for free

Upcoming Travelogues

Other Opportunities for Grand Photographers to share their Travelogues

Once created and shown at the Club’s monthly travelogues, Grand Photographers often like to share their slideshows to additional audiences. Here are some other opportunities to present your travelogues:

  1. Grand Learning - Terri Dion (Travelinterri) is collaborating with Grand Photographers to present “Vicarious Travels”; photographic adventures from around the world through Grand Learning. If interested in presenting your show for Grand Learning, contact  623-0556-4646.
  2. The Colonnade - If interested in presenting your show for the Colonnade, contact
  3. NW Regional Library - Offers monthly “armchair traveler” presentations: typically in a slide show and discussion format with 30-40 attendees. If interested in presenting your show for the Maricopa Northwest Regional Library contact , Adult Services Supervisor, 602-652-3407.
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