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Special Interest Groups (SIG's)

Special Interest Groups or SIGs offer members opportunities to share their enthusiasm for photography in a casual way.

While a SIG facilitator does guide each monthly meeting, it’s the registered participants who encourage learning by suggesting topics and sharing their related images, knowledge, creativity and support.   Friendly discussion always energizes these very positive gatherings.    Interactive and welcoming, SIGs also provide a comfortable social atmosphere.

Due to COVID-19 all of our SIG meetings are virtual. Members wishing to participate in a virtual SIG meeting must register to obtain the meeting URL, id number and password. Click on the Upcoming SIG page for additional meeting information and to register. Note, you can also click on the event on our Home page calendar to register.

Special Interest Group (SIG) Descriptions

Studio Lighting: The Studio Lighting SIG is devoted to demonstrating how to use light in a studio setting to creatively enhance portrait and still life photographs. This is an interactive hands-on group in which members are able to use various studio lighting techniques, backgrounds and equipment similar to those used in a professional photographer’s studio. Within this group are members who have considerable experience in lighting applications as applied to fixed location photography.  Meets 1st Monday @ 1-5 P.M.  Facilitator 

Creative Eye: Composition and learning how to look at a subject of interest from different points of view is a necessity for producing interesting and different photographs. This interest group devotes time to discussions on how to take photographs of a variety of subjects in innovative ways. The group focuses on different approaches one might take to photograph a subject or scene that would add color or content to images which would otherwise be common or boring. If you are interested in developing a sense of how to view your subject through your viewfinder, this is the action group for you.  Meets 1st Thursday @ 3 - 5 P.M.  Facilitator 

Seekers and Sojourners: Digging Deeper: The next iteration of this SIG is designed to encourage more personally expressive and meaningful photographic images. Encouraged lively discussions, in-class exercises, and member photo sharing centered around the topics of vision/intention, inspiration, and composition intended to stimulate discovery and experimentation will be integral to each session. Moderate or better technical photo device and post-production skills desirable, as well as a desire to explore the creation of images beyond simple portrayal.  Meets 2nd Wednesday @ 1 - 3 P.M.  Facilitator 

Micro 4/3rd: Users of all models of Micro 4/3rd cameras are welcome to participate in a variety of discussions and hands-on learning experiences regarding function and operation of their respective camera models, lenses and accessories. The format is non-structured with wide and free ranging exchange of information regarding Micro 4/3rd equipment and newly available upgrades or innovations.  Meets 2nd Thursdays @ 3 - 5 P.M. Facilitator 

One App ata Time: Have you ever considered turning your iPad or iPhone photos into abstract works of art? Are you looking for inspiration and ideas to help get you started? Do you have the creative vision but don’t know which apps to use? In this S.I.G. you’ll discover a variety of ways to create stunning digital artwork from your iPad or iPhone photos, with suggestions for which apps to use to create different artistic effects. Our intent is to share our creative abilities with one another.  Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 1-3 P.M.   Facilitator 

Getting the Most From Your Digital Images: Pressing the shutter release is just the first step in creating a great image – you have to finish the job in post processing. Share your images with other members of the group as we discuss how editing can deliver the vision you had when you took the picture. Demonstrate your favorite editing applications/software/tricks. Successful images from recent PSA/ACCC competitions may be shown as we discuss what makes a good image.  Watch as we go through the editing process with “problem” photos.  Meets 3rd Wednesday @ 1:00 – 3:00 P.M.  Facilitator 

Digital Productions: The Digital Productions SIG members share their expertise relative to creating shows with images from their photography. Members of the SIG include relative newcomers to digital production creation to people with years of experience creating shows. Members share examples of their work for everyone’s enjoyment and/or to problem-solve alternative styles. Some of the software currently available is Lightroom, PowerPoint, Photoshop Elements, and Photo Stage Slide Show Creator, while some members use ProShow software that is no longer available.

The SIG appeals to entry-level creators of digital productions looking for creative ways to make slide shows into something quite extraordinary; and it also appeals to advanced show creators who want to enhance with background music, add narration and/or captions, create stylized transitions, etc. Currently the meetings are via Zoom. Signup on our website prior to the meeting to receive the access code. Meets 3rd Thursdays @ 10 A.M.- 12 P.M.  Facilitator 

Wildlife: This SIG focuses on wildlife photography and how to capture interesting images of it. The group is non-structured, and topics vary widely from meeting to meeting. Discussions center on how to take unique images of various birds, mammals and creatures that are a part of our everyday lives, our travels, and our experiences. Members share their photographs of wildlife and discuss camera equipment, exposure settings and methods used to create beautiful wildlife art.  Meets 4th Thursday @ 10 A.M. – 12 P.M.  Facilitator 

Sony Mirrorless Cameras: For those who have purchased one of the Sony mirrorless cameras, this SIG will be entirely devoted to your needs. Participants will cover various operating characteristics and advantages of this new entrant into the camera world. The principle group meeting format will be information exchange and experiences with their cameras.  Meets 4th Thursday @ 1 - 3 P.M.  Facilitator 

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