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 Photo Club of The Grand in Surprise, AZ



Please note that final arrangements for the 2024 Print competition has not yet been completed. The information pertaining to the 2024 Print competition will be updated when it is available


Information and Rules

The Fall 2022 competition will continue with the “Small Print” format with the addition of a fifth category “Travel”. The Small Print competition categories will be Monochrome, Nature, Open/Color, Scapes and Travel.

Prints may be submitted on Tuesday, November 15, between 3:00 and 4:00 PM, at the Photo Studio. (Digital entries will all be submitted and paid for online). Bring the completed Print Entry Form to the turn-in with your payment and your Prints.

For those members not in the area for the summer months we encourage you to send your Small Print Entry form, your entries and fees by mail. Please put a firm cardboard or other material in the envelope to prevent bending and indicate on the outside that the envelope contains pictures and “please do not bend or fold”. The mailing address is: Grand Photos, Sun City Grand, 19735 N Remington Dr., Surprise AZ, 85374.

The Small Print competition entry plan allows 1 - 4 images in a category with a limit of 10 images in total for each participant. The fee will be $1.25 per image.

Affix a single adhesive SCG Competition label to the top left corner on the back of each print. The position of the label will serve to indicate which way the print is to be viewed, so no arrow is required. The label will be used for competitor information and recording scores during the judging. Clearly print: Your Name, Image title (same as on this entry form, please keep them short!), telephone number, and circle the Division and Category. Please remove or black out any other labels that may be on the back of the print, and be sure no sticky, rough or loose edges remain that can damage another Print. Labels can be downloaded HERE, will be available at the Studio and at the Turn-In.

Prints must be printed on Photographic Paper (not copy paper), be unmounted, and have a maximum size of 8.5” x 11”.

Monochrome images may be entered in all categories except Open/Color.

Your entry to this competition attests to the fact that you have read and understand the Competition Guidelines and Rules and that your entries adhere to them.

If it’s not feasible for you to turn in your Prints at the designated time, contact Audrey Pavitt (Print Chair) at either or 623-341-2581. 


A. Becker


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