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Grand photos

 Photo Club of The Grand in Surprise, AZ


Member Print Display Opportunities

Throughout the year members are invited to display their photographic prints in a variety of events and exhibits. Each event has specific print display requirements as outlined below.


A small wall showcase featuring up to 10 prints of a single artist on display for one month during the winter season.


  • The theme/category is of the artist’s choosing and prints can be of a variety of sizes and formats.
  • An open house reception is held as formal recognition of the exhibit on the third Friday from 1:00 – 3:00 PM
  • An open-member exhibit on the large wall is coordinated with the Featured Artist’s showcase and is included in the formal reception event.
  • Additional guidelines and timelines are required of the Featured Artist and will be forwarded upon reservation of a showcase month.
  • To become a Featured Artist, send queries and desired month(s) to the Showcase Coordinator: 
  • Schedule

Photographers' Showcase Wall

This venue is the large wall exhibit area that features individual member displays throughout the year. During the winter, the exhibit is coordinated with the Featured Artist showcase and is a stand-alone showcase during the summer.


  • Each member may submit up to three ready-to-hang prints for any/each themed event. Acceptable artwork includes framed prints, canvas, and metal prints.

  • Monthly Theme
    • Winter - Each month’s theme will be announced in advance through the Blast and is intended to coordinate with the theme/category of the Featured Artist.
    • Summer - Each picture must be an interpretation of that month’s theme as posted on this site.
  • New print submission and old print pick-up is Monday & Wednesday preceding the new display hanging, the third Friday of the month.
  • Prints not picked up will be stored in locked cabinet #9 or in the digital darkroom if outsized.
  • Schedule


Featured Artists

October, 2023 - Sherry Weinstein

December, 2023 - Dik Salsbury

February, 2024 - Sheldon Wecker

April, 2024 - Mary Gamble

Interested in becoming a Featured Artist in the 2023 – 2024 season? Contact . It’s never too soon.

Photographers' Showcase

September 15, 2023 - Shapes, Patterns, Textures of Nature: There is infinite beauty in the designs of nature that is often overlooked for admiration of her majestic grandeur. Let’s pause to see and capture nature’s subtle and more sublime designs through shapes, patterns, and texture.

November 17, 2023 - The Decisive Moment: Mostly we try to time our shots in a planned and considered way to meet our preconceived vision of the world and what we hope to capture. But sometimes luck intervenes with an unexpected and serendipitous twist that provides the savvy photographer with an inspired and intuitive once-in-a- lifetime shot. Consider any image that favored you with the good fortune to have witnessed and captured it at the fleeting moment of its existence. No event is too subtle, it only needs to be fleeting.

Note: It is possible that the member showcase wall during this time will be shared with another club display for a special event. Be alert for altered print submission guidelines.

January 19, 2024 - Back Streets and Alleys: Most city and town Main Streets have been gussied up to lure and impress tourists. But it is often the back streets and alleys that offer more interesting fodder for the photographer looking for the “real deal.” Share unique images captured from an alley crawl, where the hidden side of city life exists in amazing, often overlooked opportunity. Do keep in mind – safety first.

March 15, 2024 - Close-up and Macro: It is a world filled with small wonders, both natural and of the man-made. Consider capturing not only the tiny mysteries of nature that macro photography amazingly provides but also the bits and pieces from the greater world in all its forms that provide new insight or meaning when viewed close up and where a macro lens is not required, just an explorative spirit ready to see beyond the big picture.

Window Gallery

Window Gallery: A display of member ready-to-hang prints on any subject.

Requirements: Prints for display are attached to 16” X 20” black or white backing boards and encased in plastic sleeves for viewing. This is an excellent opportunity and venue for members to display their competition prints which are properly formatted for this display.

When: Change-out occurs approximately every six weeks with print submission during the week prior to the change-out. Watch the club newsletter e-Blast for updated information as submission dates approach.

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