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Board Meeting

  • February 01, 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Grand Photos Studio - Village Center

Grand Photos Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 9:00 AM, Photo Studio

Call to Order 

Board Members: Sheldon Wecker, Jim Barbour, Angela Robinson, Brenda Cooper, Richard Coles, Mel Whaley, Margaret Anne Coles, Susie Pittman, Steve Quimby

o   (Establishment of quorum ___/9)

Coordinators and Guests present: 

Approve Minutes of January 4, 2022 Board Meeting

Review/accept January Financial Report – Angie Robinson

Unfinished Business

Action Items Status - See attached

New Business

  • 1.     Competition Committee Update - Inform
  • 2.     Marketing Committee Update - Inform
  • 3.     New SIG Formation guidelines/policy - inform/decide

 Officer/Committee Reports

·        Treasurer

·        Membership

·        Education

·        Communication 

·        Competition

Announcements/Upcoming Events

PSA Travel Photos due – February 1, 2022

Market at Grand and Art Walk – February 5, 2022

Desert Botanical Gardens Photo Shoot – February 8, 2022  2-9pm

Membership Gathering – February 14, 2022  6-8pm Apache/Pima Rooms

White Sands Photo Shoot – February 14-17, 2022

Gallery Showcase, Gary Huffine – February 18, 2022 1-3pm, Studio/Patio

BOD Meeting – March 1, 2022 9am

Peridot Mesa Wildflowers Photo Shoot – March 2 & 3, 2022

Market at Grand – March 5, 2022

Questions and comments by guests.

Grand Photos BOD Action Items – from January 4, 2022

NOTE Action:  An Items Completed will be shown as such and included on the next action list at the following BOD meeting after which they will be dropped from the list.  Any Uncompleted Action Items will be carried over to subsequent BOD meetings under heading of Continued or New Action Items.

Action Items Completed:

1.     Margaret Anne prepared and Mel added a paragraph about waiting lists on the Education page informing members that those on waiting lists get added to class lists for a new session before registration opens up.

  • 2.     Dennis provided a document to Board Members explaining how the new CAM numbers are derived from the old.

Continued or New Action Items from 04 January 2022 Board Meeting:

  • 1.     Dennis will update the store program to track whether a purchaser is a resident, or a non-resident so it can be tracked in the database. (Dennis is waiting on CAM. He now has access to a database to look up a member-number using the old or new numbers to determine if they are an active member of Grand Photos. He needs to change the participation program to accept either the old or new number. It will also identify non-members if they are SCG residents. A “guest” will be a non-resident. The downside to using the database is that CAM has only been updating weekly, so it may not reflect brand new members until updated. Status of scanners is unknown. Everyone is hoping SCG will purchase scanners for the clubs. Scanners will use a USB port, so a USB splitter may be needed if there aren’t enough ports on the computer. There will be two devices; one for the magnetic card reader and one for the QR.  New cards will have a QR code and the magnetic strip won’t be programmed because they are printing it. The mobile app, when it comes out, will also have the QR code on it.)
  • 2.     Jim will request that CAM set up the Apache/Pima Rooms for the Membership Gathering with chairs spaced farther apart to maintain more appropriate social distancing.
  • 3.     Jim will check in with the SIG leaders to make sure they understand the importance of logging attendance in PIMS.
  • 4.     Richard will send the Board members an updated contact list for leaders, coordinators, etc.

5.     Brenda will send a final Social Team Budget report to the Board when all the receipts are recorded.

6.     Angie will be Susie’s backup at the February Membership Gathering to check people in (Susie is having shoulder surgery January 11th).

  • 7.     Angie will purchase a computer to replace PC#1.
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