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Zoom Introduction

Zoom, a teleconferencing application has become the new way for people to connect while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Zoom is compatible with Windows/MAC computers, Android and iOS devices.

If someone invites you to their meeting, you can join as a participant without creating an account. However, without a Zoom Account, you do not have some of the important meeting functions and controls.

A free Zoom account is required if you want to create your own meetings, host instant meetings, and send invitations to participants.

If you have not used Zoom or want more instructions on how to download Zoom application, please click here. Watch the one minute video on joining a meeting, then scroll down and select the electronic device that you are attempting to use. You will see instructions on how to download Zoom for your specific device. Once all steps are accurately followed, enter in the Meeting ID number when one is provided.

Please note, no purchase is necessary. This is a free service, so please do not sign-up for a paid service

You can also join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom.

Meeting Controls - a 10 minute video introduction to the basic meeting controls available on Zoom calls.

Zoom meeting typical gallery view on a PC or MAC.

  1. Audio mute is in the lower left corner, red line through the microphone means you are muted, click on the mic to unmute
  2. There is an up arrow next to the mic to select and test your speakers and microphones.
  3. Video icon is next in the lower left corner. Click it to start your video.

Standard gallery view during a presentation

  1. Note how the gallery covers part of the presentation, you can click on the small icons on the top of the gallery to change the view or drag the gallery around on your screen.
  2. Click on the view options on the top center of your screen for a side-by-side option.

Side-by-side gallery view

There is a slider to increase/decrease the width of the gallery versus the presentation.

Side-by-side speaker view

Participant controls will normally remain on the bottom of your Zoom window.  If you do not see the controls go to the upper right corner and select view, exit full screen.


  • Open the application (Lightroom, PowerPoint, Elements) you want to share before you click the green Share Screen menu.
  • Share Screen menu will open a window displaying all your open applications.
  • If you want to share sound check the box the in the lower left corner.
  • Select the open application and then click the blue Share button in the bottom right corner. 

  • This is your view while sharing the screen
  • Zoom tools will move to the top of your screen
  • You may drag or change your video window around as needed, participants will not see your video window 
  • Click the green New Share button in the Zoom tool bar at the top of your screen if you want to share a different application
  • Click the red Stop Share button on the top of your Zoom screen to stop sharing. 
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