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Through Their Lens

A Series of Interviews with Active Grand Photos Volunteers

Gary Huffine

Gary is a photo shoot leader and currently posts all photo shoot images to the Club website.

When did your interest in photography begin? While in the US Army in the late 1960’s, I was stationed in Korea and had the opportunity to learn how to work in a darkroom and print my own pictures. I purchased a Yashica Electro 35mm film camera, learned how to use it, and took lots of photos of the local people, landscapes and fellow soldiers in the 15 months stationed there.

How did you arrive at Grand? After two years of wintering (Iowa winters are brutal) in Florida and two more in Scottsdale, AZ, Marilyn and I were looking for more than just a place to stay for the winter. We wanted to be active and meet like-minded people. We answered an ad for a rental in Sun City West and were told that that rental was no longer available but there was a three-month lease coming up beginning January 2015, in Sun City Grand. We had never heard of Grand but decided to give it a try. After only two weeks we were ready to buy and did so by summer’s end. We have met so many great people and made many new friends through the clubs we have joined.

What do you most enjoy about Grand Photos? It has helped me develop a new, refreshed interest and appreciation for photography. The challenges to learn and step into areas that I would never have tried without being led and pushed really have helped expand my understanding of photography. The classes, photo shoots, speakers and members have shown me so much more about the craft. Attending all of the 24 Virtual Photo Shoots since they began in the spring of 2020 has kept me excited about learning. I have barely scratched the surface, but I think I am improving, ever so slightly.

How did you find yourself involved in volunteer roles? Volunteering for me has always been a good thing, it helps others but it does a great deal for me as well. The clubs in Grand are all starved for volunteers and it is easy to be asked to help. Richard Coles first contacted me about a joint project with the Hiking Club. After that he asked me to become involved with Photo Shoots, Virtual Photo Shoots and then posting photos on-line.

What is it about photography that has maintained your interest over so many years? My interest waxed and waned from the late 1960’s through 2009. Mostly, I documented family activities, vacations and travel excursions. I did become the depository for corporate photos, including many that I had taken over the years. I started dabbling in photo presentations for meetings and about retirement time in 2009 I began to create photo books, mainly travel and grandkids. After retirement, I upgraded cameras and started to take some on-line classes and began keeping a camera with me at all times. The continued goal of finding those perfect photos that make others feel emotion and make me feel satisfied is what keeps me excited to look for more photographic opportunities.

What are your favorite things to photograph? That perfect landscape photo is always on my mind whether traveling or hanging around our town. My favorite photos that I have taken over the years would be a mixture of travel, landscape and family but the majority of those would be landscape. However, with influence from the SCG Photo Club, I am beginning to look for other areas to photograph including street, black and white and minimalism.

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