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Grand photos

 The Photo Club of Sun City Grand in Surprise, AZ


Through Their Lens

A Series of Interviews with Active Grand Photos Volunteers

Herb Yelverton 

Herb is the 2023 Vice President of the Grand Photo Club.Herb on a photo shoot

When did your interest in photography begin? Immigrating from Vienna Austria to the USA, my Grandparents bought me a little camera. I took pictures of places in Vienna and landmarks from the train as I traveled to the ship that brought me to the US. I was using the camera as a way to remember images that were important to me but had no thought of artistry. Unfortunately, I left the camera on the train. I am really sad about that to this day.

How did you arrive at Grand? We decided to move from WA State to a warmer climate in our retirement. After research and travel in Nevada and Arizona to visit a large number of 55+ communities, we found no community that compared in beauty, amenities, and comfort for us as did Sun City Grand. We bought a home here in 2018.

What do you most enjoy about Grand Photos? Like most newcomers, we joined several clubs. Of special interest was the Grand Photo Club as my wife and I started a Photography Club in the WA 55+ community from which we moved. We enjoyed the experience there and hoped to continue enhancing our quality of photography by joining Grand Photos as we were highly impressed with the people and opportunity for learning that this club presents.

How did you find yourself in a volunteer role? The Photo Club has recruiting as one of their priorities and I was approached. The team made a cogent case for my involvement and I agreed to run for the position of VP.  Why did I agree? I had been enjoying printing my photographs, using the resources of the club, and learning. For example, I was shown how to cut mats. I enjoyed the benefits of the club but I never want to be just a taker and I don’t want a few volunteers to run the club who eventually become burned out. That’s why I agreed to run for VP.

What is it about photography that maintains your interest? About 10 years ago I noticed how a camera changed the way I looked at the world. You notice dew drops on a leaf and a bee on a flower. Photography taught me to enjoy the beauty around me that I had been missing. It taught me to, “Pause and smell the roses.”

What are your favorite things to photograph? I particularly enjoy photographing landscapes and animals. I like to photograph animals because they are expressive and always doing something. I enjoy photographing the beauty of the landscape and its natural changes such as in the contours created by light and the changes of the seasons. Sometimes it is difficult to fully capture in a photograph my love for nature and life.

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