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Through Their Lens

Interviews with Grand Photos members to honor and celebrate their contributions to various Club activities.

Jerry Weinstein

One of the founders of Grand Photos, a past Club President and a regular contributor as class instructor, leader of the IPAD and Sony SIG’s as well as some photo shoots, Jerry has done it all.

When did your interest in photography begin? In my early 20’s had a couple kids got the first Polaroid camera complete with a squeegee and got instant gratification. When I started travelling, I got my first DSLR and it was love at first sight.

How did you arrive at Grand? I worked in the garment industry in both New York and California. I retired in 1996 and lived in an adult community in Laguna Beach, CA. One day my wife said; “the cost of living in California is crazy and it was time to move to Arizona.” My brother Marv lived in Grand and was a member of Grand Photos so that seemed like a good choice. Moving to SCG was the best move I ever made; I love this community.

What do you most enjoy about Grand Photos? I really like the friendly people and how it’s grown. I served as the 3rd president of the Club, enjoyed it and did what I could to make it better. Grand Photos has been important to me, the comradery, other members helping me grow. My photography is so different now from what it was years ago. I enjoy helping members with the SIG’s I run and they help me. I’ve also taken a lot of classes.

How did you find yourself instructing and leading the Special Interest Groups (SIG’s)? I found a lot of good photography apps for the IPad/IPhone and thought it would be great to share these with other members so I started the IPad SIG where members learned to use various apps. This led to the Snapseed app, which can process photos on Apple or Android devices, so I started a class for Snapseed. I did the same for Picasa when it first came out. I had a Sony camera, so I started the Sony SIG to help members learn new things about the cameras.

What is it about photography that has maintained your interest over so many years? It’s got to be digital, when photography became digital, I really enjoyed reliving all the travel photos I’ve taken. In my job I dealt with garment patterns, picking fabrics to blend in the proper way with texture, color, etc., but never thought that this might connect with photography. An artist often adds to a painting but a photographer often subtracts. With digital images I enjoy the ability to manipulate the images, to add, subtract or scramble its shape as my artistic expression.

What are your favorite things to photograph? I love travel so it’s the people and the places that I’ve been. Lately, I’ve gotten involved with bird photography that is a lot of fun. With anything I want to photograph there is someone in the club who can help me improve and I will do the same to help others.

Through Their Lens

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