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 The Photo Club of Sun City Grand in Surprise, AZ


Seekers and Sojourners SIG

Seekers and Sojourners is designed for Intermediate photographers relatively comfortable with their cameras and with basic photographic terminology. Meetings focus on members expanding their curiosity about the art of photography by creating, sharing and discussing images. Short excursions/sojourns now and then provide opportunities to exercise skills as a small group and compare results at the next SIG gathering.  

  • Stacked was our topic for the January meeting
  • Fruit & Vegetables was our topic for the October meeting.
  • Before and After was our topic for the September meeting. 
  • Backlighting was our topic for the August meeting. 

Seekers and Sojourners Images

51 photo(s) Updated on: January 18, 2021
  • Stacked, Jerry Weinstein
  • Stacked, Madi Peterson
  • Stacked, Pete Penick
  • Stacked, Jeanne Hladek
  • Stacked, Marge Elis
  • Stacked, Margaret Maione
  • Stacked, Janiece Cline
  • Stacked, Sharon Schorsch
  • Stacked, Sherry Weinstein
  • Stacked, Brady Conn
  • Stacked, Susan James
  • Stacked, Peggy Boike
  • Stacked, Rich Manalis
  • Stacked, Barbara Lindner
  • Pete Penick, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Barbara Lindner, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Jerry Weinstein, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Sharon Schorsch, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Susan James, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Marge Ellis, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Jeanne Hladek, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Margaret Maione, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Mary Gamble, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Peggy Boike, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Rich Manalis, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Brady Conn, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Marge Ellis, Before and After
  • Pete Penick, Before and After
  • Sue Penney, Before and After
  • Susan James, Before and After
  • Jeanne Hladek, Before and After
  • Peggy Boike, Before and After
  • Rich Manalis, Before and After
  • Jerry Weinstein, Before and After
  • Howard Lonn, Before and After
  • Mel Whaley, Before and After
  • Brady Conn, Before and After
  • Margaret Maione, Backlight Image
  • Precious Moments, Mel Whaley, Backlight Image
  • Backlight Image
  • Brady Conn, Asante Library, Backlight Image
  • Linda McKean, Backlight Image
  • Susan James, Backlight Image
  • Backlight Image
  • Peggy Boike, Backlight Image
  • Judy Brockett, Backlight Image
  • Rich Manalis, Backlight Image
  • Jerry Weinstein, Backlight Image
  • Sue Penney, Backlight Image
  • Backlight Image
  • Sharon Schorsch, Backlight Image
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