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 The Photo Club of Sun City Grand in Surprise, AZ


Grand Photos Competition Winners


Spring 2022 Competition Best Of Show Winners

Division B – Digital - Cokie Lepinski - Nature - Snowy Owl 90

Print - Mark Beckner - Open - Fall Aspens

Division A – Digital - Sheldon Wecker - Open/Color - Superstitions After Dark 0560

Print - Mike Smith - Open - Navajo Women

Results - Most Recent Competition

Print Results from the Spring 2022 competition for each member who entered.

Digital Results from the Spring 2022 competition for each member who entered.

Final points following Spring 2022 Competition  for each competitor and their current Division.  The names of those who are no longer members, and those who haven't competed for three years, have been moved to an "inactive list".

ACCC S'2022 Digital Competition Results for Grand Photos' Members can be found by clicking here.


A. Becker


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