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Grand photos

 Photo Club of The Grand in Surprise, AZ


Photo Shoots

Photo shoots are truly one of the highlights of Grand Photo Club membership.

  A photo shoot is a carefully planned trip with other Club members to a visually interesting destination that provides an opportunity for photographers to express their creativity. It is also an opportunity to discover and share in a new way, places that you may have visited before, or an opportunity to visit places for the first time that you have not yet visited.

When Club members come together for photo shoots, their individual creative energy is multiplied. In the informal setting of the great outdoors (or indoors), participants share information about smartphones, cameras and composition, make new friends and enjoy a unique social bonding experience that creates lasting friendships.

Photo shoots are open to those of all skill levels and camera types. Just click on the "upcoming photo shoots" link to find photo shoots that interest you, then register for the event and show up with your camera where you'll be warmly welcomed by friendly Club members.

After the shoot is over all participants pool their best shots and attend a slide show presentation of the photo shoot, where the unique creative perspective of each participant can be viewed, shared and appreciated by the group. This usually results in lots of ooohhhs and aaahhhs as well as much laughter and often questions such as "how did you get that shot?" or "were you at the same location, I didn't see that !" It is a wonderful experience that helps us all learn and grow. It also makes us want to rush out to participate in another photo shoot to repeat the process all over again.

You can click on the "past photo shoots" link to get a sense of the fun and excitement that other Club members have enjoyed and have been able to share, through photographs, with their families and friends. Come join us and rediscover your creative spirit!

Page Author:  Mel Whaley

Updated August 23, 2020 

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