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 Photo Club of The Grand in Surprise, AZ


Spring 2023 Digital Competition Entry Instruction and Guidelines

(The  link to enter images will be found at the bottom of this page.) 


To be announced in the Fall of 2023.

All images, and payment, will be done using an online entry form accessed through a link at the bottom of this page. When completed, the entry form will contain all the information necessary to enter the competition, images will have been uploaded for judging and fees paid.

The fee is $1.25 per image. The fee will be paid when the images are uploaded.  PayPal will be used.  It is not necessary to have a personal PayPal account to pay the fee.  All that is required is a credit card.

There will be Six (6) categories ; Abstract, Monochrome, Nature, Open/Color, Scapes, and Travel .  The details of some of these categories have been changed since the last competition.  Therefore it is important that all those entering this competition read the definitions on the Definitions Page and the supporting material.  Please Note:  The definition for the "Abstract" category has been revised since the last competition. Please review the new definition carefully.

Each participant may submit a maximum of 2 images in each category. The opening date for submitting entries will be January 1, 2024;     the closing date for Digital entries will be announced in the Fall of 2023..  Early Turn-in: You are encouraged to submit Digital images early.


Competition Guidelines are described and/or defined in the documents Grand Photos Competition Guidelines for 2024 and Grand Photos Competition Category Definitions for 2024 published on our website at . Your entry to this competition attests that you have read and understand these guidelines and that all your entries adhere to them.

Image format & size
: Images must be submitted as .jpg files.
The maximum pixel dimensions for this Grand Photos competition is 1400 pixels (in the horizontal direction) x 1050 pixels (in the vertical direction), including any borders or strokes. (Remember - the width and height maximums are NOT interchangeable.)
The maximum file size for digital image entries is 1.5 MB.

Naming information - Keep in mind that each image has an "image title" and a "file name". The entry page asks that you enter your image title for each image that you enter.  The entry page then asks you to choose (locate) the image on your computer, at which time the file name, and its location, are automatically recorded on the entry page.  When you submit your images, your image title becomes associated with your image. However, the file name is automatically changed in accordance with the system's file naming convention. Therefore you no longer have  to rename your files in accordance with any naming convention.

Note: Your entry gives Grand Photos permission to display your image on its website and/or in a Grand Photos newsletter if it wins any award.

A workshop will be conducted during the Fall of 2023 to assist members with sizing of images and entering them in the competition.  Dennis Hilgar, Digital Chair, is available at Dennis Hilgar to answer any questions which you may have along the way.

Click Here To Enter Images


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