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The following educational programs are offered for members to develop their skills in photography and image processing.  Most courses are taught by volunteer club members who give their time and talents freely.  They prepare for their instruction periods so that you may benefit from them.  Some classes are presented in a sequence of parts. To gain the maximum benefit from the instruction, class participants should make an effort to follow through and attend each class session as it is scheduled.

This season we ask that you register for classes you plan to attend. This will allow instructors to adequately prepare class materials and available class space.  PLEASE NOTE: Classes will be available for registration on the first day of the month preceding the scheduled event date.  Prior to the registration opening date, a note in the left hand margin will have the message "Registration is Closed".  It does not mean that the event is "Full". 

Occasionally, when some classes are posted on the website but are not yet open for registration you may notice that there are already people registered. Why is that? It is because these are registrants who were on the waiting list for an earlier session of that class. Because they were on the waiting list they are pre-registered for the added class prior to the class opening for registration to the general membership.

The waiting lists provide a means to determine demand for a particular topic and serve as a queue to fairly accommodate in the next class those who 'waited in line' for the first class.

To register you will need to be logged into the Grand Photos membership site and then scroll to the class and click on the register button below the class title.  Most classes are free; when there is a fee as part of the registration process, you may pay online using a credit card, or you may print out the invoice and take a copy of the invoice along with your payment to the studio and leave it with the monitor.

Upcoming Classes

    • June 27, 2022
    • July 07, 2022
    • 2 sessions
    • Virtual Zoom class
    Registration is closed

    Using an iPhone, iPad, and iPhone apps: Snapseed, Image Blender, Macro Mode, iColorama S, Image Size and PaintCan, participants will learn how to layer images and textures to create unique works of art. In the second session we will look at and talk about what the class has produced. For those who could not make the first session, we will review what we covered in the second half of the second session. Both sessions will be provided through Zoom.  Sign-up instructions will be provided before the first session

    Instructor: Jim Barbour

    Experience level: all levels

    Equipment: fully charged iPhone or iPad

    Registration: REQUIRED

    This class will be available for registration on May 16th. 

    • November 17, 2022
    • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Grand Photos Studio - Village Center
    • 16
    Registration is closed

    In this hands-on, in-person class, we will explore how to create stunning images using reflections and light with a wide-variety of reflective objects. Whether you are a smartphone user or prefer a camera body, you’ll find this technique quite fun and easy to learn. We’ll have a couple of stations to rotate through in small groups to try out different ideas. What do you need to bring? An inquisitive mind and your smartphone and/or camera-body of your choosing (flash or filters are not needed). For those with a camera body, a macro lens can produce some stunning images. 

    You will need to know the basics of your camera body or smartphone app you use to shoot photos but beyond that no real experience is needed. There will be tripods and table-top tripods available that use Arca Swiss plates but if you want to bring your own tripod, please do. Smartphone users are generally fine without a tripod but we will have phone mounts available for the tripods as well. The reflective materials and lights will be provided. 

    Instructor: Cokie Lepinski

    Experience level - all levels

    Equipment required: smartphone or camera body (and if you have a macro lens all the better but you can do fine without). Also, if you have a smart tablet like an iPad and have pictures on it, that can make a great, reflective surface so feel free to bring 

    Registration: REQUIRED

    The class will be available for registration on October 7, 2022

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