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Grand photos

 Photo Club of The Grand in Surprise, AZ


Class Images

Image making and sharing are integral parts of each photography class. New or advanced skills and  concepts presented in the instructional session of each class are practiced by each participant through assigned exercises. The sharing of these images furthers individual understanding of these skills and concepts and also serves as inspiration to all class members in discovering new creative possibilities.

Basic Composition Class

This class explored the basic composition "rules" such as The Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Space to Look or Move Into, etc. and participants were challenged to create their own photos to demonstrate the concepts

Abstracts Cell phone Class

Using smart phones to capture all of the abstract images all around us

Landscape Photography Class

This class provided techniques, tips, and resources needed to capture landscape images that “stand out.”  Discussed were types of landscapes, composition, camera settings, filters, locations, and the best times to capture those “special moments.”

Seeing Black and White Class

Techniques for turning color photographs into stunning Black and White images

Tips for Better Smartphone Pics (Apple)

Images shot using Portrait mode, from an unusual angle and a techniques or setting that the participants had never done before.

Paper and Light

A  hands-on creative abstract class, exploring  how to create stunning images using just paper and light.

Night and Stars

Night photography is a great way to expand your photo opportunities.   Class participants used various light painting techniques and long exposures to create the following images.

using apple photos 2

Using apple photos

Class participants learned the intuitive built-in editing tools of Apple Photos as well as how to organize their photos using the search engines of the program.

Abstract class 2

The second session of Jim Barbour's popular Abstract Class.

digital quilt class

Participants learned the process of designing spectacular digital quilts from a single image.

Abstract Class

The Abstract Photography class under the leadership of Jim Barbour explored photographic composition using only the design elements of light, form, texture and color to  express their unique personal vison of the world.  Encouraged to use cell phone technology they were challenged to explore and create without adhering to any strict photographic rules in capturing emotion through abstraction.

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