Grand photos

 The Photo Club of Sun City Grand in Surprise, AZ


Grand Photos Studio Reopening Plan and Rules

Grand Photos Club Members using the Studio must adhere to the following requirements:

1. Must have signed the Liability Waiver and Acknowledgement and Agreement documents on the Sun City Grand website. A paper copy of these documents will be available at the Photo Studio for the member to sign, using his/her own pen, if this has not yet been done.

2. Must pre-register for each specific event, including club drop-in, on the Grand Photos member-only website. Registration will be limited, and the list of registrants will be available to the monitor for check-in purposes. No guests will be allowed into the Studio until further notice.

3. Wash or sanitize hands upon entering the Studio. A wall-mounted sanitizer dispenser provided by CAM already exists. Members should also carry their own personal-use hand sanitizer and use it periodically while in the Studio.

4. Members will swipe their own CAM cards upon entry.

5. Face masks or other cloth material covering the nose and mouth are required at all times while in the Studio, unless eating or drinking. Transparent face shields and neck gaiters do not comply with this requirement.

6. Social distancing protocols must be adhered to:

  • No more than 16 members are allowed in the Studio at any time. This includes the monitor and those in the digital darkroom.
  • Tables and chairs are placed to maintain a 6 foot separation, including in the digital darkroom, so sit where there’s an empty chair.
  • A maximum of two members may use the digital darkroom at any given time.
  • No congregating before, during or after using the Studio, either inside the Studio or on the patio. Social distancing of at least 6 feet between people is required at all times.

7. If a member purchases supplies, payment must be made online by credit card. No cash or checks will change hands.

8. After use, each member will be responsible for wiping down with disinfectant any surface touched. This includes table, chair, computer keyboard, printer, copier, paper cutter, audio/visual equipment and remotes, door handles or knobs, etc. Hospital grade disinfectant will be provided by CAM.

9. A copy of these requirements will be posted on the Grand Photos website, and the link will be distributed to members in the weekly Blast. It will also be posted in the Studio. Members who do not comply will be asked to leave the facility.

10.Monitors will be provided with these requirements, suggestions on how to deal with a compliance issue, and the phone number of Security in the event that a member refuses to comply. The member’s name and CAM number will be forwarded to the Grand Photos President for follow-up. Monitors will also be advised on final disinfectant cleaning of surfaces/items, to be performed when they lock up the Studio.

11.Members should consider limiting the duration of their participation each time they participate in this indoor amenity, in order to help minimize their risk of exposure to COVID-19.

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